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To be placed on the DM Emailing List for new information which is discovered regarding DM,  simply write:   "please put me on the mailing list"   after clicking the email button below. This is an outgoing newsletter (in the form of an email) only, and is not an email discussion list.


I am collecting pedigrees of DM dogs. In your email to me, requesting to be placed on the DM Updates list , please inform me if you will be willing to furnish a copy of the pedigree of your German Shepherd DM dog , to me, or, preferably, please post the pedigree of your GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG on The German Shepherd Dog Degenerative Myelopathy Pedigree Board. If you do not have computer access, and you contact me, I will contact you with instructions on how to send the pedigree to me, upon receipt of the email. Please mark on the pedigree if you grant permission to place pedigree on the pedigree forum of my DM Message Boards by writing "permission to post*, or *permission to post, denied*....

I am hoping that by making pedigrees of DM dogs accessible, breeders will be able to view which combinations of breedings have produced DM dogs, and possibly cut down on the incidences of DM, in the breed.

Hope this helps.  Our group is a close knit, caring group. If you have to deal with this disease, its easier with support.....  May all our dogs live a thousand years..

Marjorie + Jack Flash
...two hearts, two hearts that beat as one....
....you know it's true, everything I do, I do it for you..

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