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Jack Flash and Marjorie
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June 16, 1985 - August 4, 1998

My beloved Jack Flash...My soulmate....My lifetime dog....What words are there to convey how much I loved, and will always, love you? You were the sunshine of my days, and my candle in the window, in the darkest of nights.. Happiness followed your footsteps, wherever you traveled. You brought smiles to the faces of all who knew you, and your courage touched the hearts of all. You epitomized the word "noble", and perhaps even gave the word new meaning..The goodness of your soul shone brightly in your gentle, soft eyes, for all the world to see...

Thank you, Jack Flash, for 13 wonderful years..Thank you for being exactly the way you one could have asked for more...You were my best friend, and the saver of my life..You loved the world, and everyone in it, but you knew instinctively when it was time to be protective..I was always safe, with you by my side...

You opened up a whole new world for me...I met interesting people  I never would have had the opportunity to meet, if it wasnt for you.. You gave me your all, throughout your life with me, and at the end, you even managed to bring me the gift of good friends..

I love you, Jack Flash, and I will always love you...You were one of a kind...I will carry your memory, forever, in my heart..Destiny brought us together, the day you chose me, and hooked your puppy paw over my arm....It was always meant to be, that you and I, would share so many happy years together..Nothing can seperate us, not even the finality of your passing... We were, and will always be, throughout eternity,


...Two Hearts, two hearts that beat as one ...

Candle lit in memory of my Jack Flash

Two Hearts As One - You and I

Heavenly Jack

Pink Rose

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