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Medication and Exercise Schedule

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I found that dividing the dog's food into two meals a day is better with the medication schedule.  Empty stomach means 45 minutes before food.  Aminocaproic Acid, N- Acetylcysteine, the original Anti-Ox Formula, and the Anti-Ox CB Formula are gotten through Westlab Pharmacy and you need a prescription.  Their telephone number is:

1 - 800 - 4 - WESTLA

If you live in Australia, Roper and Parry are compounding pharmacists that can help you obtain DM meds.

IMPORTANT!  Always check Dr. Clemmons page (dog2doc.com/neuro/DM_Web/DMofGS.htm) to see if there are any new additions to his medication, herb, and supplement program. The schedule you see posted below was the one I followed with Jack Flash. You may also find Dr Clemmons Simplified DM Shopping List useful

The routine is as follows:


 Aminocaproic Acid:

    Mix 2 parts Aminocaproic Acid (250mg) with 1 part chicken broth and give 3 ml of this mixture orally every 8 hours ( every 6 hours is also acceptable)


    Comes as a 20% solution, and is diluted with chicken broth to a 5% solution. Give 70 mg divided in 3 doses for 2 weeks, Then, 3 doses every other day (What this means in lay persons terms is 5 cc's mixed with 15 cc's chicken broth for each dose).

 Anti-Ox Vitamins:

    There are 3 formulas. You would use only ONE of the three!!!

      Original Formula:

      (Consists of ) Vit B 50mg, Vit E 1000mg, Selenium 100 mcg. Ginkgo, Bovine Cartilege, Beta Carotine 125,000 iu, Olive oil, Co-Enzyme Q 50 mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acids 500 mg, Gammalinolenic Acid 500 mg
      Dosage:1 teasp 2 x daily


      (Consists of ) Vit B 50mg, Vit E 1000mg, Selenium 100 mcg. Ginkgo, Bovine Cartilege, Beta Carotine 125,000 iu, Olive oil, Co-Enzyme Q 50 mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acids 500 mg, Gammalinolenic Acid 500 mg,Curcumin, Bromelain
      Dosage:1 teasp 2 x daily

      Anti-Ox Vitamin Powder:

      There is now a new powder formulation for Anti-Ox, available from Westlab Pharmacy. Big dogs would take 2 scoops, 2 x daily, and dogs less than 50 pounds would take 1 scoop, 1 x daily, according to westlab Pharmacy.

 Vitamin C:

    2000 mg daily (1000breakfast/1000dinner)
  • anti-oxident

 Siberian Ginsing:

    400 mg 2 x daily reduces physiologic responses to stress improves immune function and may increase endurance and physical performance.

 American Ginsing:

    200 mg 1 x daily increases resistance to stress
    (for males only - females would take Dong Quai)


    500 mg (2000 GDU) 2 x daily  GIVE ON EMPTY STOMACH
    Give only if dog is NOT on Anti-OX CB

  • natural anti-inflammatory


    500 mg 2 x daily  GIVE ON EMPTY STOMACH
    Give only if dog is NOT on Anti-OX CB

  • helps stop circulating immune complexes

 Green Tea:

    (decaffinated1 capsule breakfast/1 bedtime
  • anti-oxident

 Grape Seed Extract:

    1 50 mg capsule 1 x daily
  • anti-oxident

 Fresh Crushed Garlic:

    2 cloves daily
  • anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, also anti-inflammatory

 Dry Ground Ginger:

    1 teasp daily
  • natural anti-inflammatory

 Dry Mustard:

    1/2 teasp daily
  • aids in digestion


    6 ounces daily (3 ounces am/3 ounces pm)
  • contains flavinoids and other ingredients which promote health

 Heartworm Medication:

    * Filarbits (plain!)  No monthly treatments as they increase immune responsiveness
    * Westlab Pharmacy (1-800-4-westla) carries compounded Filarbits, which goes by the name of Diethylcarbamazine.


    Electro Acupuncture
  • slows the condition, but does not stop progress

  • Remember to add these things, other than the prescriptions, gradually, so as not to upset the stomach!




    Every other day, walking or swimming starting with 5- 10 minutes the first 2 weeks, increasing exercise time to 30 minutes 2 x weekly and 1 hr 1 x weekly. Jack would swim 12 laps in a row in a 36' length pool, rest 15 minutes and swim again. He gained alot of strength in a non impact workout. He became much stronger, and it stopped his muscles from atrophying as quickly as they would have atrophied.


If your dog has any other problems, any/all of these medications may be contraindicated!!

Belvedere Pharmacy in Melbourne, Australia, will soon be compounding DM medications, for DM dogs in Australia.  A special thanks to Westlab Pharmacy, located in Florida, for cooperating with Belvedere Pharmacy, in the assistance of the formulations.  Thank you Westlab for your commitment to helping DM dogs, worldwide :)  Your dedication and true concern for DM dogs is appreciated by all who have dogs touched by this disease.....  You are loved and adored by the Support group!

For info about how to get DM meds in Australia:
Mark Feldschuh
Belvedere Park Pharmacy
284 Seaford Road
Seaford Vic
Australia 3198
Phone (03) 97862703

Medications for the treatment of DM are now available in the United Kingdom.
To obtain these medications, please contact BCM Specials:
Freephone 0500 9259355
simon@nicholls.force9.co.uk (Simon Nicholls)

For those that do not live in the United States, the UK, or Australia, and do not have access to the DM medications: If you would like to find out about compounding the medications for DM dogs in your country, please email me at marjorie@mzjf.com. I will try to get you the information you need to be able to compound the medications.

Hope this helps.  Our group is a close knit, caring group. If you have to deal with this disease, it's easier with support.....  May all our dogs live a thousand years..

Marjorie + Jack Flash
...two hearts, two hearts that beat as one....
....you know it's true, everything I do, I do it for you..

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