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Windswept's Somewhere in Time
(CH MV Utopia's Gigolo v Windswept's Libby v Utopia)

Joss bred by Marie Pierce Chavez
OFA Hips GS-5998G24M-T
OFA Elbows GS-EL11559-T
Thyroid: Tested

Memorial for Joss
(aka "Joss!" or better known as "Jooooooosss!")
August 16, 1998- January 7, 2010

My Dearest Joss (aka *Puppy Face*),

I am writing this eulogy in July of 2010, although you left this earth in January, right after the New Year... It has taken me this long to even begin to come to terms with your loss. It hurt so badly to let you go, but I had to release you from the pain which consumed you, due to the medical fiascos that led to the shortening of your life. You were such a proud boy- such an alpha male, so set in your ways, so full of thoroughly creative mischief... You were always a laugh a minute, Joss... One could look at you and see your wheels always spinning. Life was always an adventure for you and you always had every intention of living it to the fullest, consequences be damned...

I wonder how many rolls of toilet paper you unraveled as a pup (leading to your nickname of JOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSS! An exasperated spelling of “Joss”).… You are personally responsible for any and all profits gained by the Northern Toilet Paper Company throughout the first 2 years of your life. I am shocked they never sent you a personal thank you note! While curiosity may have killed a cat, it never hurt you a bit- well, maybe just your pride, when you surfed in the garbage pail and the swing top lid got caught around your neck. You were quite the man- kewl as could be, sporting the new* garbage lid look* as the latest fashion… You could have convinced anyone that you actually meant to try on the lid, for size, or maybe, just for the hell of it because it was there… You had good taste in books, as evidenced by the time you stole and ate several volumes of my antique Shakespeare collection… I will never forget the holes to China you dug in the garden, always next to the light so your pathway would be lit, just in case you reached your goal… Who could ever forget the night you auditioned for the role of the centerpiece on my dining room table, right before the dinner company arrived… You looked so proud sitting in the middle of the formally dressed table, that it was just impossible to be angry with you! By the way, I never found the money you stole out of daddy’s wallet… I remember every now and then I would see you gaiting across the house with a $20 bill in your mouth, but to this day, the placement of your stash still eludes me… I know for sure it wasn’t in the sofas or the indoor plants where you buried the bakers dozen of bagels (I remember the bagels floating to the surface when I watered the plants)… You always did the treadmill better than me, and I miss sharing my workouts with you trotting beside me… I never realized how depressing it could be to not have to worry about bread being swiped off the countertops! I miss your dancing eyes, the wag of your tail, that direct look you always gave me when you were being admonished, and the beeline you made for your crate, carrying your treasure to the far end of your *den*, where you knew I couldn’t reach it. You always were one very smart boy… I have discovered that daddy and I have too many socks. Now that you are gone, there is no one to swipe them from our cubbies at night. All have been recovered from every orifice in the house where you delighted in stuffing them, nightly, and we now have enough socks to cover the feet of everyone in our entire state… Summer is here, now, and I can picture you draped across the stairs to the pool, wallowing in the water and blocking Missie T’s entrance. Oddly enough, she is still jumping into the pool off the side, instead of using the steps… Perhaps she sees what I cannot?

Joss, I put your puppy collar on a stuffed German Shepherd, and every night, at bedtime, I tuck it under my arm before I go to sleep… I sing you the little songs I always used to sing to you, and hold you close to my heart… I reach over and place my fingers on the plaster imprint of your paw, hoping you can feel me touching you, through time and space. I reach up to my bedpost, caress your collar tag, and tell you how very much I love you… I was so very blessed to have shared my life with you…

Windswept's Somewhere in Time (aka "Joss")
..I finally found someone...
Marjorie + Jack Flash
...two hearts, two hearts that beat as one....
....you know it's true, everything I do, I do it for you..
.... three hearts...

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