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  Jack Flash's Photo Album
A Tribute to Jack Flash
Jack Flash

Honest officer, I wasn't speeding.... I'm just a back seat driver.. 
Jack goes for a ride
AKA: The Weed
This is how I got my nickname "The Weed"...
..and you thought "The Cat in the Hat" was kewl" ????
Jack wearing Froggy-Hat
A Noble Gentleman
Reflected in your eyes- the irrefutable love, loyalty, intelligence, courage and nobility of your breed. You epitomize the German Shepherd Dog....
...and in my heart, you'll always stay, forever young...
Cameo Shot


Hope this helps.  Our group is a close knit, caring group. If you have to deal with this disease, its easier with support.....  May all our dogs live a thousand years..

Marjorie + Jack Flash
...two hearts, two hearts that beat as one....
....you know it's true, everything I do, I do it for you..

Jack Flash on his 13th Birthday
Jack Flash on his 13th Birthday
Happy Birthday Jack Flash
To you on your special day, June 16th..

...Your face will always be before me
...Your eyes will always be remembered
...And the beauty of your soul will always give
   the stars the power to sparkle
...You live on in my heart and you will always be
...today, tomorrow, and throughout eternity...
...I miss you so........

Please click HERE to see the most beautiful tribute created by my friend, Tami, as a gift to me, in memory of Jack Flash. Thank you, Tami, for your thoughtfulness. This is a most treasured gift! You have captured my beloved Jack Flash as a "shining star"...


Click HERE for Part 1 of Jack's Photo Album!

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