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Rusty's Cool Dog Award


To: mz66@aol.com
From: lac@tca.net (Linda Causey)

Congratulations! Your site has won Rusty's Cool Dog Award.

There are three options for picking up your award:
1. File attachment - cooldog.gif (24.1 KB)
2. Go to http://Toonhead.tripod.com/Buttons/cooldog.gif
Right click on image, save to hard drive and then upload to web server.
Please link award to http://Toonhead.tripod.com/winners.html
3. Copy and paste the following code:
<img src="http://Toonhead.tripod.com/Buttons/cooldog.gif">

Thanks for showing me a great site!

Linda Causey
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Rusty's Cool Dog Award

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