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Quality Trading Award of Excellence


To: mz66@aol.com
From: master@qualitytrading.com (Webmaster)

WOW, I am impressed at your website. So much so that I shall definitely return soon for a more indepth look around.

So much so as well, that we are very pleased to announce your site as a winner of our Quality Trading Award of Excellence!

Your award is attached or if you prefer, (I do know how hesitant people are about attachments nowadays with all the viruses and stuff), you may download the award from our server at:


We do not require a link back to our site (we just enjoy visiting great sites!), but if you do choose to provide one, please link the award to:


Congratulations and enjoy your award!!

Best regards and wishes to you and yours,

Jim Winters - Webmaster

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Quality Trading Award of Excellence

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