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The Pegasus Award

The Pegasus Award

To: mz66@aol.com
From: alenka.marovt@siol.net (Alenka)

Name of the SITE - Jack Flash's Homepage/Home of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group
URL - http://www.geocities.com/~mz-jm/index.htm


Thank you for applying for the Pegasus' Web Awards Program.  The purpose of the Pegasus' Web Awards is to recognize the effort some of you put into creating the pages and to encourage webmistresses and webmasters in further development of web creation.

I visited your page today and found it eligible for our Pegasus' web award.

We are using a point scale on 8 categories to assess your pages.
Here are your scores.

LAYOUT (max point assigned is 10)  8
CONTENT (max point assigned is 10)  10
ORIGINALITY (max point assigned is 10)  7
GRAPHICS (max point assigned is 10)  7
IMPRESSIONS (max point assigned is 10)  10
LOAD TIME (max point assigned is 5)  2
NAVIGATION (max point assigned is 5)  4
USEFULNESS (max point assigned is 5)  5

I am so deeply touched by Jack's story.  Thank you so much for sharing and making a difference.

Congrats to you!

I'm sending the award as an attached file.  If you should choose to display it, please link it back to this URL http://www.vanderberg.com

Please INFORM me when you display the award so I can add you to the winners' list.  Hit reply to this e-mail when you write back please.

Thank you for applying for the Pegasus' Web Award.

All the best to you  :-)


Last but not the least - please vote for us at the webbie world - we entered the competition for the people's pick of the week. http://www.webbieworld.com/ww/vote.asp?recordno=1275
You can vote once per day.

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The Pegasus Award

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