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The Loadstar Web Design Silver Award

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To: mz66@aol.com
From: loadstar@nexus.org.nz (Loadstar)

I have been honoured to view your site for 'Loadstar's Web Design Awards' and would like to congratulate you on the presentation and effectiveness of your site.  You've obviously put much work into it and in recognition of this I attach my Silver award.

I would appreciate it if you'd link the award to:

Please let me know when the award is up and I'll add you to my winners list.  Remember to send me a banner if your site has won a Platinum or Gold Award.  Silver and Bronze winners will be given text links.

I extend a special invitation for you to join the NetZone Webring.  This consists of some of the best sites on the Web and I would be honoured to have you as a member.  Further information is at:


Once more, I offer my congratulations.  Sites like yours make the Web a fascinating and informative playground.

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The Loadstar Web Design Silver Award

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