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Harmony Of Life Awards


To: mz66@aol.com
From: sujathad@yahoo.com (Sujatha Das)


I am really happy to see such a warm and great site full of information and good service to others. I am more than happy to present you with some awards. I have three websites and I am happy to present you with an award each from all the three of them.

The first award os of your choice - The Special Site award (spec.jpg). Please link the same to http://http.ms/www.sujatha.ind/

The second award is the Award of Excellence (excela.jpg). This award is from Archita, my little daughter who is three years old. Please link the same to http://http.ms/www.archita.ind/

The third award is from another site of mine. This is also a Special site award(special.jpg). Please link the same to http://http.ms/www.theguardianstar.ind/

Hope you like the awards,

Love and God Bless,

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The award on the left is the "Special Site Award"
The award in the middle is also a "Special Site Award"
The award on the right is the "Award of Excellence"

Special Site Award Special Site Award Award of Excellence

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