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The ERAust Site Award

ERAust site award


To: mz66@aol.com
From: eraust@yahoo.com (Electronic Reproductions Australia)

Thank-you for submitting your site for the ERAust site award.  We are pleased to announce that your site has received a rating of 8.

A great site.  It uses a good layout.  Is easy to read and navigate.

The site has:
Original Presentation
Original Content
Good colour co-ordination
No HTML errors
A written email address, not just a link.  Very useful for web based email
And no under construction banners

Keep up the great work.

The enclosed HTML can be used for placing the attached image onto your awards page to link back to ERAust.

Placing the award on your site will qualify your site to be listed in the ERAust Hall of Fame.

Andrew Butler
Electronic Reproductions Australia

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ERAust site award

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