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Denmark and Dobermann´s Forever "Excellence Awards"


To: mz66@aol.com
From: jotunheim@post.tele.dk (Bitten Jönsson)

Hello - Denmark and Dobermann´s Forever - calling

First of all - Thank You - for applying for our award. We have now visited your spot on the web, and made our review.


You have fulfilled our requirements for achieving our awards, and have done it with excellence. You have created an interesting and informative home - the design and graphics are great, and the poems are lovely. One really feels the warmth and devotion, with which this excellent home has been created.

We are honored to be able to present the following awards to you:

- HPC - Excellence
- Dominica Excellence
- In Remembrance of Award

None of the above awards are easy to achieve - one really has to deserve them, which you have. The awards have been attached.

If you should choose to accept these awards, please link them back to us. We would also appreciate a notification, as to when the awards have been added. In this way, we know you have accepted the awards, and at the same time gives us the oppotunity to add your great home to our recipients.

Once again - Congratulations - on an excellent job.


Bitten Jönsson

Dobermann´s Forever

PS: Please notice, that all recipients of our excellence award, will be considered for the Ultimate Excellence of the Year Award, which will be released on the 24th of December.

Click on any of the 3 awards...

The award on the left is the "HPC - Excellence Award"
The award in the center is the "In Remembrance of Award"
The award on the left is the "Dominica Excellence Award"

HPC - Excellence Award In Remembrance of Award Dominica Excellence Award

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