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Christian Resources "Website Excellence Award" and "Starbrite Award for Website Excellence"


To: MZ66@aol.com (Marjorie Zimmerman/Tom Cammarata)
From: shemmerly@iwaynet.net (Sharon Hemmerly)

Marjorie and Tom:
I was thoroughly moved by Jack's story. I entirely forgot to review and had to go back and relook. The site is wonderful. It exceeds all expectations in technical as well as esthetic aspects. I consider it an honor to award you the Website Excellence Award. You may pick it up at http://www.iwaynet.net/~shemmerly/1award.html
Instructions for linking and posting to the winner's site are on that page. Because Jack's story was so moving, I would also like to present you with my new Starbrite Award for Website Excellence. You don't have to link this one... just wear it with honor. Thanks again...

Christian Resources

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Starbrite Award for Website Excellence Christian Resources Website Excellence Award

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