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Animal Site Award of Excellence


To: MZ66@aol.com
From: PIllusion@aol.com

Congratulations from Pure Illusion Awards.  We are honored to inform you that you have won the "ANIMAL SITE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE".  There is more than one award to choose from so you may pick up award up at the following address.
None of our awards are easy to win and you should feel Honored to have received this recognition of your hard work.  Linking the award back to us is NOT required but would be appreciated.  If you want to link it please link it to our award page at
Pure Illusion Awards http://www.facethemusic.org/awardssite/index.html

Currently only 14% of the people that apply for our awards win.  Only 4% of the people win an Excellence award.  You have done a fine job.  Your knowledge, expertise and humane care for animals truly shows.  It is an honor for me to be able to present this award to you and your charming website.  I will have you up on the winners page within 24 hours, you may view it at

Again thank you for applying, tell your friends about our program and congratulations!

Sandy Groff
Webmistress of
Pure Illusion Awards - http://www.facethemusic.org/awardssite/index.html
Pure Illusion Arabians - http://www.facethemusic.org
E-mail - pillusion@aol.com

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Animal Site Award of Excellence

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