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The Alchemix Golden Site Award



To: MZ66@aol.com (Marjorie Zimmerman/Tom Cammarata)
From: alchemist@alchemix.com (Geoff Lussier)

Hi Marjorie and Tom,

Sorry it's taken such a long time to get around to your award submission but I've had a ton of work to get through.

Anyway I've had a chance to review your website.  The content is exceptional and very well presented.  I'm sure alot of dog owners can make good use of your website.  With that said I'd like to point out that I noticed that you don't have keyword and description META TAGS included on your homepage.  It would be a shame that your site isn't being properly indexed by the search engines and that your only real source of hits are from links found on other sites.  Including both those tags will ensure that your message is getting out to the most possible viewers.

Your site has been awarded the Alchemix Award.  You will find attatched to this msg the award graphic which you can link back to http://www.alchemix.com if you wish to display it.  You site has also been added to the Alchemix site directory.  Thanks for you site submission.

Geoff Lussier BFA Honours
ALCHEMIX - Web Development for Artists & Crafters

(204) 269-8070

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Alchemix Golden Site Award



To: alchemist@alchemix.com
From: webmaster@phzzz.zzn.com

To Geoff Lussier,

My name is Tom Cammarata.  I am the site designer and webmaster for Marjorie's site.  I'm writing to thank you for the "Alchemix Golden Site Award" on behalf of Marjorie and myself, and also to notify you that the award has been posted, with a link back to your site, at this URL:

I would also like to thank you for your invaluable advice for META TAGS.  They have been added, as per your suggestion.  Thanks for looking out!  That wasn't necessary on your part, but be assured, it was greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you.

Tom Cammarata - Webmaster and Designer
Marjorie Zimmerman - Author and Photographer

Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group - Jack Flash's Homepage

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