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3 Moons Award for Caring


To: mz66@aol.com
From: Webmaster@3moons.net (Lauranna)

To: Marjorie Zimmerman/Tom Cammarata

It is with pride that 3moons sends this insignificant honor to your wonderful page.  The time, the caring, the hours of research put into Jack Flash's Homepage show in every small touch.

I very much enjoyed the guided tour for your first time viewers and your instructions on how to get into your chat room seemed well written and thorough.  Those are the touches that most webmasters forget.

3moons.net is honored to have you accept our award for Caring.  A link will be provided to your page in the next few days.  I apologize for being so far behind notifying winners and getting links up, but after being named a 4.0 site at AwardSites I've been totally swamped with submissions.

Your award is enclosed and I ask that you link it to http://3moons.net/Awards


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3 Moons Award for Caring

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